complete course english

When you purchase the complete course, you have access to chapter 1,2 and 3. This way you don’t need to buy another item and you safe €16.- After your purchase, you have access to the full course for 3 months


Chapter 1

In chapter 1 I will teach you about hormones, anatomy, how it can start, dilating stage and pain relief possibilities. After purchase chapter 1 you will have access for 3 weeks to these lessons


Chapter 2

In chapter 2 I explain everything about the pushing stage, interventions that might be neccesary and what’s happening in the first hours after birth After purchase, you have 3 weeks access to these lessons


Chapter 3

In chapter 3 I explain about the first weeks after labour. How do you recover, what about breast- and bottle feeding, when can you have sex again and the breathing excercises that can help you control the process. After purchase chapter 3 you have 3 weeks access to these lessons


Chapter 4 refresher course

Chapter 4 is for women who have already had a vaginal birth, but forgot much of what happened the last time. After purchase you have 90 days access to the lessons.


Chapter 5 Cesarean section

This chapter is for women who already know that they are going to have a ‘sceduled’ cesarean. I tell you everything about the different cesareans that are possible, how you recover afterwards, and what to expect from the impact on f.e. breastfeeding. After purchase you have access for 3 weeks to these lessons    

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